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on Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:29 pm
Shadow Hand is newly formed guild in WoW Classic on realm Hydraxian Waterlords.
It is heavy RP guild. Which means we will invite and welcome people with a purpose of doing roleplay together.
Main theme is division of SI:7. But that doesn't mean only rogues and thieves are included. There can be active agents, sleeping agents, informants, paid mercenaries, blackmailed people and such.
Intelligence organization offers freedom to be whatever every character wants but with handy connection for guild and personal plots.
Guild chat is OOC, same Discord. It is important to have place to talk about rp situations. Have fun of our characters, making awww on especially cute interactions or point out what was awesome in our view.
We prefer deep immersion. Which means we enjoy our characters to have complex personality, talents and flaws, unique world view, beliefs. All of this can be different from our beliefs. (Like racism. Because "My char hates dwarfs" is okay.)
IC drama is important part of our play. This is very similar to movies. If Nemo was not abducted, it would be just animated documentary of underwater life. Therefore, we welcome people who are able to separate IC drama from OOC. We all want to have fun, not make someone uncomfortable or pissed or hurt.
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