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Cooperation between guilds and other RPers Empty Cooperation between guilds and other RPers

on Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:03 pm
We as a guild are open to cooperate with other RP guilds and RPers. We believe it can bring benefit to all of us and create wider and richer RP.

How to order RP with Shadow hand:
There are two options which I can see now.
First one is agreement for mutual RP without any specific idea yet. Second is if you want to order some espionage IC.

Mutual RP - Our guild as players
Our members are real characters with life. So they are not just spies or rogues or agents. They can like tea, horses, have family on different continent, have plans for summer, be looking for magic. Options are unlimited and depends only on our players and their characters. We can also fabricate some plots, create mutual history, plan some situations Again, options are unlimited. But the goal is still same - have fun doing RP.
For this option, use discussion in guild discord or private message with me.

Ordering guild for IC job - our guild as NPCs
Goal of this option is to use our members as NPCs for starting or maintaining your plots.
If your guild or character want to order espionage, information gathering, material gathering and such, it is possible. But for this type of cooperation, there will be some rules. Mainly to keep our game mature and morale.
When the target will be some NPC character or guild, no problems there. But if it will cover real players or guilds, it is different..
We will inform the target of this job OOC and ask if he as a player is okay with it. We will describe very briefly what should be the subject (ie. someone want to get basic info about your guild/character. Someone want to start a plot by stealing something from you etc.)
We also want to make very clear that outcome from this cooperation should be fun and movie-like RP situations for all involved parties. Not to make someone angry or sad. We do not accept any intention to harm players and make them uncomfortable.

If you are interested, join our discord server .
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